Prior to Surgery, Let The Nature Try Healing Your Kidney Disease

Posted by | Health | Monday 15 July 2013 7:03 am

Kidney is that organ of the body that plays one of the most important roles to keep the body moving smoothly and healthily. The kidneys of the body are in fact, the filter units that maintain the gentleness of the inside, and let the person survive. Without those two natural filters installed, all the toxins and poisonous substances that we eat recklessly in daily life shall plummet down the person on his death bed, for the toxins are flushed out by kidney while the nutrients remain to benefit the body.

Kidney not only expels the toxic substances from blood, it also remove other impurities such as urea and salts. However, when the function of kidney is the key part that let us live, tumor in kidneys is undoubtedly a shattering news. The cancer in kidney is usually classified into two types, depending on the location of the tumor. The first is Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) and the other is known as Urothelial Cell Carcinoma (UCC). Wilm’s tumor can occur in children as well as in adults, for its origin begins from renal tube or pelvis.

There may be several reasons that inflict such a devastating disease on kidneys, but the few basics include smoking, high blood pressure, obesity as well as going through a long term blood dialysis. Usually a kidney cancer patient show symptoms like anemia, blood observed in urine, and loss of appetite. Although the natural treatment for kidney disease is the nutritional therapy and naturopathic therapy, proven effective in all kidney cancer patients, the accustomed treatment one likely assumes is surgery.

When we talk about nutrition therapy, it distinctly implies the use of fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. Many kidney cancer patients complain mostly of lack of hunger, which is a common symptom. However, if there hasn’t been sufficient provision of vital nutrition a person needs, it can lead to weight loss and other similar complications. Hence, for a kidney disease patient, medicinal treatment include providing all nutritious meals three times a day to let the patient survive when his kidney has failed to filter. Naturally, yogurt and grains hardly contain any toxic substances, therefore, such a meal is highly recommended for it supplies the required minerals without the need of a kidney. Moreover, naturopathic surgeons treat a kidney cancer patient with the help of natural medicines we often learn in botany and homeopathy. They cure the tumor by using herbs that suppresses the harmful effects of the disease. Naturopaths, as the name clearly suggests, exploit the power of nature, that indeed, is most effective among all science.

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